The Impact of the Internet on the Growth of Fashion Design


The Impact of the Internet on the Growth of Fashion Design

Fashion is an artistic form of self-expression and independence at a certain time and occasion, in a certain context and with a certain style, footwear, clothing, makeup, haircut, and physical body posture. The word simply denotes a style defined by the fashion market as what is currently trending. If one watches TV fashion shows on a daily basis one will see several styles and variations of everyday and formal clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. One day it will be pantsuits, on another it may be dresses or on another day beachwear.

But why does something become fashionable and what distinguishes one style from the next? It is generally agreed that fashion is nothing but the transformation of something into something else in such a way that the former becoming the latest trend. But this definition does not restrict itself to human activities and events. Fashion becomes fashionable when people who wear the clothes in fashion do so for reasons of vanity, to fit in with the prevailing trend, or because they simply love and enjoy wearing them. Thus designers create clothes for the sake of people liking what they produce.

But the transformation of things does not only occur by means of the designer giving us new shapes and forms to clothes and objects. It is also the result of changing personal choices and the cultural and social norms of the people. A common example is the way certain types of shoes were regarded as women’s shoes in certain societies and regions, while in other regions and societies shoes were regarded as men’s shoes. In addition to this certain objects are associated with certain gender roles. A number of designers have tried to address the prejudice and stereotyping against certain groups in the hope of creating ready-to-wear that would cater to their needs and fit into their lifestyles.

Another significant influence on fashion design can be attributed to the modernization of transportation technology. People have become more accustomed to using automobiles, trains, planes and boats and have also come to see these tools as a norm. This in turn has influenced the way fashion designers approach their work. Today a designer may need not necessarily begin his or her design career based on a particular social or cultural context.

It has been noted that the modern fashion trends are often determined by the economic conditions in countries where designer garments are popular. The supply chain in developing countries becomes very complicated because local manufacturers face major difficulties in obtaining raw materials needed to make the products. In this situation, designers of fashion try to use as much of the locally available material as possible. In developing countries, for instance, cotton is considered a very profitable commodity because it is easily grown, highly demanded and can be produced in large quantities. The main problem faced by designers of fashion however is the transportation of cotton from the far corners of the world to the countries where it is required for manufacturing.

The advent of the Internet has also significantly influenced the way FASHION is presented. It has now become possible for even the most remote communities to be able to purchase high quality fashion designer clothing. Online stores have made it possible for even those who live in remote areas to purchase fashionable garments. In many cases this has led to the growth of local designers and the establishment of niche markets which previously had no access to the fashionable garments being sold online.