Entertainments – A Source of Income for Countries Around The Globe

Entertainment is a broad form of social activity which holds the attention of an audience and provides enjoyment and gratification. It can be a hobby or an academic pursuit, but generally is more often than not one of those activities or occasions which has developed over the thousands of years especially for the sole purpose of holding the attention of an attentive audience. Entertainments can take many forms, but the common thread running through all forms is that they provide something of interest to the audience so as to keep their attention long enough to appreciate what is being presented or performed. This is essentially the fundamental purpose behind Entertaining and getting people interested in a performance.

Entertaining is more than having fun or making somebody laugh. Entertainment is all about emotions and pulling someone’s heartstrings so as to make them feel entertained. Entertainment, just like food or drink brings out emotions in the customer or viewer. Sad entertainment or sad music pulls another person’s heartstrings or saddles them with sorrow or boredom while happy entertainment or funny/interesting music brings out happiness and joy.

Entertainments are often created for specific purposes such as in Entertainments as Maradona’s “chainsaw” (or “elephant chain”) in Lawn-to-Home Acting, Video Games in the Making of Rock Band, the opening night of the London Olympic Games (London Pleasure Gardens), David Bowie performing (in Concert) at The Albert Hall, Bill Clinton’s “impressionism” in Video Games (Rock Band), and John Denver’s “dive bomb” in Paintings (Rock Band). The list goes on. Many entertainments which originated from other cultures and genres are now considered as popular and established entertainments such as Chinese Opera, Indian Classical Music and Western Music. Entertaining can be a mixture of many forms, but each is ultimately a means of getting people to laugh, cry, dance, or even feel inspired.

Entertainments have become popular over time because they offer something for everyone. Inexpensive amusement is important to all people, because everyone wants to spend their money wisely. People can watch different kinds of entertainment any place they go including at home, hotels, restaurants, bars, malls, and even rides on amusement parks. Some of the most common forms of entertainment are dancing, singing, acting, visual arts, live shows, magic, games, driving, spa treatments, music, cuisine, and sports.

Entertainers from all over the world go to various places in order to perform and entertain the visitors. Most of the entertainment is provided by live entertainment which includes magicians, comedians, bands, dancers, singers, speakers, jugglers, magicians, hypnotists, and street entertainers. These various entertainers can provide both indoors and outdoors entertainment. Live exhibitions and concerts are also conducted in various places. Most of these live entertainment events are arranged by some companies as part of their business promotion, to make their brand known among the audience and customers.

Entertainment industry makes an impact on the lives of people in lots of ways. It pulls another person in its path, while the other tries to cross it. This kind of entertainment keeps people engaged in the middle of their busy schedules. They also inspire other people to pursue their dreams and become the next entertainer. It’s no wonder that Entertainments has become a major source of income for countries around the globe.