Entertainment Marketing Strategy

Entertainers are everywhere you look nowadays, from the stage, on TV, in the cinema, even at the park. There is no one who has not been charmed by a magic act, a singing sensation or an amazing funny film. So, what exactly is Entertainments? Simply put entertainment is any activity that holds an audience’s interest and holds their attention.

So how does Entertainments derive from the word Entertainer? Quite simply it is any activity that entertains. In the current climate entertainment is anything that holds our interest or makes us laugh, makes us feel good or just generally boosts our mood. So then, how does Entertainments derive from Captured On Video and YouTube?

A quick search on YouTube and you will find loads of Entertainments videos, ranging from people performing strange stunts on a skateboard, to people doing extreme yoga moves. From a layperson’s point of view, these videos can hold your interest quite well if you take the time to actually look at them. You may laugh at a funny skater video and laugh with joy, but someone who takes the time to actually analyze the content may just appreciate the sheer awesomeness of it all. Perhaps a skater who is completely nonchalant whilst on his/her first attempt at a 1080 rotation would appeal to the novice skater viewer more than an awe-inspiring professional skater doing the same thing, however, in reality each skater performs both on video and behind the scenes and as such their performance is either pure entertainment or holds immense educational value. Therefore, whether your passion is in snowboarding, yoga or skating, you are most likely to have seen someone doing something that interests you, that entertains you or both.

Another great way to utilize entertainment marketing strategies is to produce your own videos. It does not matter if you do not have the time or skills to film your own commercial, YouTube is a great source for obtaining high quality footage of your commercial, allowing you to build up a loyal following on the site. YouTube also has the added benefit of having a viral effect, where if one of your videos spreads across the internet, other viewers will spread the love around, driving up the popularity of your commercial even further. YouTube also allows you to monetize your videos, which can prove beneficial once you start getting your name and face out in the community. It is important however to only participate in pop culture events that you are familiar with, as it could damage your reputation if you were to appear at events that you have no interest in.

In line with this, another great way to engage in entertainment marketing through the web is to participate in pop culture events online. This strategy can work well for both small businesses and larger businesses, as there are certain communities on sites like MySpace and Facebook which allow members to network based on common interests. In this way, you can market your business to potential customers who share the same interests as yourself, while at the same time building relationships within the community. These types of events can include everything from product launches to celebrity updates. If your business enjoys pop culture events, then this is definitely the way to go.

Entertainment Marketing can help your business in several ways; however the most important aspect of this type of advertising is to understand the target demographic for which your campaign is targeting. By taking the time to understand these groups and finding events that resonate with them, you can use pop culture to further promote your business in an interesting and unique way. For example, if your company is focusing on the female population, then it would be wise to promote promotional products that were designed for women, games which were geared towards this group, or even a video which featured celebrities. By using entertainment-focused methods, you can create a unique campaign that will connect with a specific audience.