Entertainers As a Profession


Entertainers As a Profession

Entertaining is an art or a form of action that either holds the attention and fascination of an audience to its length or gives great enjoyment and happiness. It can be a task or an idea, but probably is more often of the former than the latter, as such events or activities that have evolved over thousands of years in specific for the sole purpose of holding an audience’s focus has no other goal in mind but to hold the viewer’s attention for as long as possible. But how exactly does entertainment differ from the other types of human activities?

For entertainment to really work it needs to have a goal. There is no entertainment that doesn’t have a goal, whether it be to entertain people for an hour or for three weeks straight or if it is just a one-time event entertainment that gets everyone talking for an afternoon, there needs to be a reason for us to react the way we do. Entertainment doesn’t need to provide enjoyment, it can provide a reaction or pull another. It could also simply be a means of escape, like when a driver’s anxiety over a car accident completely leaves him or her in tears as they are driving down the road, only to find out later that the event was actually a good thing and the car wouldn’t have been wrecked if the driver hadn’t gotten lost: this provides entertainment but also gives the audience an escape, an excuse for the bad things that happen in our daily life.

Entertaining, then, needs to provide an alternative to a situation that presents us with what we consider bad, and then entertain us in spite of ourselves. It may be bad, but it may also be entertaining to watch another person get hurt or laugh at another’s misfortune. In fact, entertainment as a whole may be the best way for people to release their negative emotions, release the stress that builds up inside them and simply have fun; and sometimes, it’s better than the alternative, which is simply not being entertained. If we take a moment away from our daily life and watch some funny videos on the internet, read some light hearted novels, or play some games, then entertainment is what we need for some mental escape.

Entertainers who try to make money from someone’s misfortune will usually get into a lot of trouble. People tend to judge the success or failure of entertainers by the amount of money that they pull in from people who enjoy their shows. An entertainer can have the most outrageous show on earth, and people who are not in the mood to laugh may feel threatened by it, so they turn off their TVs and look elsewhere. Entertainers who go out of their way to provide entertainment for others are perceived to be those who are truly generous and considerate; they will usually make more money from giving smiles and laughs to others than they will from pulling in huge crowds of screaming, cheering people. The more successful an entertainer is, the more likely he or she will continue to stay in the business.

Entertainers are always looking for ways to entertain without having to take a lot of work. Sometimes a good comedian can make hundreds of dollars a night while someone else who never takes the time to prepare will have to hire out for large parties and put up with long hours of entertainment. Entertainers often have to teach themselves how to write scripts and draw humor from everyday situations. Some people have very good natural comedians abilities while others are just born with them; anyone can pick up a few jabs on stage, but it takes years of practice and constant learning to become a professional entertainer.

Entertainers are a necessary part of our world, without people, there would be no TV shows, no movies, and no theater tours. Without laughter, people would soon turn to other forms of entertainment. If you are going to put on a show, or if you want to be involved with the entertainment industry, learn as much as you can about your craft and about the different ways you can entertain. This will keep you from wasting your time. With knowledge comes money so don’t let anything hinder your ambitions in this field.