Entertainers and the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is a broad category of activity which holds the interest and attention of an audience. It can either be a chore or an act, but is most often more likely to be a creative activity or event, which has developed over centuries specifically for the sole purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. Entertainers range from clowns, magicians, painters, musicians, dancers, podiatrists, actors and even dancers or cheerleaders, who are able to inject some laughter into otherwise solemn or boring moments. Of course, the type of entertainment that you choose to perform will depend entirely on your personality as well as the crowd’s reaction.

Entertaining is not only a popular pastime but has become a staple of modern life. It is often considered a part of social etiquette and often associated with parties and celebrations. From weddings to bachelor and bachelorette parties, everyone from babies to the elderly seem to enjoy some form of entertainment at some point. This goes to show the popularity of the performing arts. Theatre, dance shows, comedy clubs and concerts are the common venues for performances by entertainers across the globe.

Entertainers have also made a name for themselves by creating their own television and film industries. Actors such as Russell Crowder, Ben Kingsley and Morgan Freeman have become household names thanks to their popular stage performances and films. In addition, a new breed of entertainers such as podcast sensations has emerged thanks to the convergence of the internet, social media and theme parks. Podcasts are constantly updated with new stories and music by independent artists and professionals. This style of entertainment has been described as “social media entertainment gone public” and is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for artists and entertainers to promote themselves.

Entertainers such as jugglers, clowns, magicians and street entertainers have begun to use the latest forms of live entertainment to create new forms of entertainment that can reach a wide variety of people. A recent example of this new form is the so-called ‘Walking Dead Walking Tour’. This Walking Dead interactive event in London is the brainchild of someone who was trying to find a new way to market Walking Dead merchandise. He realized that displaying walking Dead paraphernalia in select locations where fans of the hit TV show would be less likely to roam too far from their living rooms. So he devised a tour whereby fans could follow a series of clues leading them through the woods, along with a host of zombies and other characters from the hit TV show.

Entertaining is an important part of any social gathering and the performing arts certainly provide a unique outlet for social interaction. But the entertainment industry is not limited to just stage performances and movies. Actors and actresses are no longer limited to coming on stage to read a monotonous script to keep the audience entertained. New technology has allowed performers and entertainers to showcase their skills on the big screen. This includes video games, animated films and personal videos.

Entertainers now have the opportunity to make their own mark on the world. They can get their name recognised by playing key roles in interactive video games, such as Halo and Call of Duty. And, with video games becoming such a huge part of our lives, actors and actresses can showcase their talents in cutting-edge interactive films such as Killzone and Superman Returns. Animation is also becoming an integral part of presenting stories using the new media. Characters are now being developed in animated movies and television series such as Iron Man and The Lord of the Rings. All of this new media and the new opportunities presented by it, the performing arts and the entertainment business cannot ignore.