Are Online Slot Games Different From Traditional Slots?

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Are Online Slot Games Different From Traditional Slots?

Why is it people prefer playing online slot games over traditional slot machines? The short answer is there are definitely some advantages to playing online slot games over traditional slot machines but before get into that: There is absolutely no doubt that online slot machines are different than traditional slot machines. So what are the differences and advantages of playing online slot machines?

In a word, they are all the same. The chances of winning on online slots are not drastically different from slot machine games played in real life casinos. The only slight advantage is that with online slots, you do not have to leave your home or put yourself under any type of duress or stress to be able to play. That’s why many elderly and handicapped people who may struggle to walk or stand for long periods of time prefer playing slot games online.

Free Spins. All online slots casinos will provide players with free spins when they hit their reels. This is where the similarity ends. When you get to the end of the bonus period, if you have not won a jackpot on these free spins, you will have to get out of the bonus program and withdraw your winnings. Many players report that they often do not stay on these free spins because they are hoping to win something big on one of the reels.

Online Slots Machines Do Not Use Roulette System. Traditional slot machines are based on a random number generator (RNG). With an online slots game, the random number generators are different, so the result of each spin is never the same when it comes to picking a number.

Online Slot Machines Use Bonus Symbols. Unlike traditional slots games where jackpots are advertised in terms of their multipliers and the symbols used to indicate them, bonus symbols are used on online slot machines to signify the amount of money which can be won. Bonus symbols are small images that may be viewed in the lower right corner of the screen or sometimes above the reels.

Online Slot Machines Do Not Have Scratch Cards. Although some of the bonus symbols used by some online slot machines are the same as those used on live slots, the absence of scratch cards means that winning here is rtp pragmatic more difficult. In case you do win, the reels will not have scratched your cards so you can just continue playing. The same is true for the number of times you have to spin the reels. You’ll have to either stop playing at that point or take out some coins from the machine.